RBM Company is proud to offer Bennett Pumps to our retail customers. Bennett’s Pacific Dispenser is state of the art providing customers with up to date Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.


We also provide our industrial and fleet fueling customers  superior products with our Gasboy brand of suction pumps and dispensers. Gasboy offers years of field proven reliability and low cost maintenance to help customers get the most bang for their buck. These dispensers can be completely customized with gallons only or gallons and dollars displays.


Tuthill (Fill-Rite) transfer pumps are another fuel dispensing option. This is our most economical fuel transfer system and caters to the light industrial and agricultural markets. These pumps can be mounted to just about any tank and provides ease of use and reliability to the user. These pumps are available for both 12 volt and 115 volt systems and can be used for both gasoline and diesel. The smaller pumps have a 3/4″ inlet and outlet while the larger pumps are 1″ to allow for the quick transfer of fuel.