If your canopy has seen better days we can help you refurbish and make it look like new. We at RBM Company are on the cutting edge of new technology can help you redesign your canopy for the 21st century.

Through the use of both LED signs and canopy lights we can help to significantly reduce your energy costs and put money back into your business.

If you have questions about government incentives regarding the installation of energy efficient lighting give us a call and we will be glad to help you with the processĀ  (1-800-521-5656).


RBM Company not only offers lighting solutions for canopies. We also offer many fixtures and systems for places such as car dealerships, parking garages, parking lots.

commercial lighting, schools and municipalities. With access to brands such as LSI and Baer Lightning we can find a solution that will give your place of business an updated

look while saving you money through energy savings.