If your needs call for a heavy duty pallet rack system RBM Company is the place for you. We offer several different styles and manufacturers of pallet rack so that we can find the equipment that will best suit your needs. The following are only a few of the styles that we offer. We are also certified installers of all of the product that we sell. Please contact our sales department with any questions (1-800-521-5656).

Selective Rack

This type of rack is best suited for an environment where the pallet rack is exposed to the risk of being hit by equipment. The racks tubular design allows it to absorb a greater impact without compromising the strength and integrity of the rack system. This style of rack is designed much in the same way as standard pallet racking with added safety.

Cantilever Rack

We offer three different types of cantilever racks that allow the storage of numerous types of goods. The light duty application would be used for light weight items and is floored with wire mesh in order to maximize storage space on each level of the rack. The medium duty rack has all of the capacity of the light duty system with the added benefit of more weight capacity. The heavy duty version of the cantilever rack is ideal for industrial applications where the storage of such items as structural steel or wood planks is needed. RBM Company also provides accessories such as post guards for all racking systems.