As a distributor for Lyon Workspace products we offer several different sizes and gauges of lockers to meet your individual needs. We can also design a layout for your locker system that will allow you to achieve the storage needs that you desire without sacrificing much needed open space. The following are only a few of the locker styles that we can order and install for you.

Standard Duty Steel Lockers

Standard duty lockers are the introductory level that can meet the needs of light industrial applications, school systems and hospitals.

Heavy Duty Lockers

These lockers offer a higher resistance to abusive environments such as heavy industrial and heavy school use areas

Antimicrobial Lockers

These lockers are covered in a powder coating that resists the growth of bacterial, mold and odor build up in the lockers.

Heavy Duty Ventilated Lockers

These lockers allow the interior to vent while still maintain a heavy duty construction that allows them to be used in harsh environments. These lockers also allow for the visual inspection of the contents in the locker without having to open it.

Heavy Duty Welded

The welded construction allow theses lockers to be used in the harshest environment s without the fear of damaging or bending of the lockers

Integrated Frame All Welded

These lockers are the most heavy duty locker that Lyon makes. These lockers are built to specifically resist the worst abuse and vandalism that can be thrown at it. The 1″ door thickness allows the locker to take the abuse of daily operation in a harsh environment for many years.

Angle Iron Lockers

These lockers are constructed using angle iron construction to achieve the rigidity of a heavy duty locker with the light weight and ease of use of a standard steel locker

Gear Lockers

These lockers are ideal for any tactical or military type of gear. They offer an open front with lockable storage drawers for the security of personal belongings.